What should I bring?

bring at least 30 copies of your resume, a portfolio or folder in which to carry your resumes and other materials, a notebook or planner to write down upcoming interviews or information sessions and a pen. It is not necessary to bring documentation showing your ability to work in the United States to the job fair.

Why should I attend a job fair?

Our Job Fairs are the best kind of networking. There’s no guessing if a company has a job opening – you already know! Plus, it’s the perfect time to meet new people, and get to know what each employer has to offer. So take advantage!

What should I wear to the job fair?

This is your chance to dress to impress your future colleagues. Please wear business or interview attire. Suits are acceptable for both men and women. If you don’t own a suit or skirt, a blouse or dress shirt paired with a pair of slacks are good options.

Who should attend a job fair?

Anyone and everyone should attend a career fair! There are entry-level jobs as well as jobs for the busy executive.

Will the employers still ask me to apply online even if I attend the fair?

Yes, some of the larger corporations use online applications to track information like Diversity and number of job fair attendees that applied at this event. There are other employers that will use traditional paper applications and several companies will be hiring on the spot.

What companies and what positions will they have at the fair?

Please click on the “Exhibitors” link to see a full listing of the participating employers for this job fair. What positions will the employers have at the fair?
Each employer will specify which positions are available on their website or at their booth on the day of the event. Feel free to apply online in advance to speed up the hiring process.

How many copies of my resume do I need to bring?

We recommend bringing at least 30 copies of your resume

I have never been to a job fair. I’m here, now what should I do?

First, obtain an employer list and map. Next, circle the location of each company you are interested in on your map. Then, talk to each employer on your list. It’s that easy!